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 Ersal message be room bedune Enter shodan 2 room !!!

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PostSubject: Ersal message be room bedune Enter shodan 2 room !!!   Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:14 pm

Ersal message be room bedune Enter shodan 2 room !!!

Vaghti code ro mizanid id shoma khod be khod varede room mishe !!! Message shoma ro mifreste va belafasele left mide

in code vaghti be dard mikhore ke manager ( admin ya owneri ke ba nimbuzz online ) room ghasde Ban ya kick shoma ro dare !~! chon ersal messege va left shodan kheili sari anjam mishe !!

1.Ba bombusmod online shid .

2.code zir ro bad az virayesh dar menu>tools>xml consol>menu>new Ersal konid .

( Jayi ke neveshte esme_room esme room ro vared konid va jayi ke neveshte nickname_shoma nickname khodetun ya id khodetuno (bedune @nimbuzz.com) vared konid va jaye ke neveshte message_shoma message khodetuno benevisid !!

Inam code (zir) :

to='esme_room@conference.nimbuzz.com/Nickname_shoma'>1 type='groupchat' id='purple488sb3a' to='esme_room@conference.nimbuzz.com'>Message_shoma to='esme_room@conference.nimbuzz.com/Nickname_shoma' type='unavailable'/>

By : )v(ehrzad@nimbuzz.com

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Ersal message be room bedune Enter shodan 2 room !!!
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